Uptown Week in Review – Jan 17

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I am a bit late in getting this Uptown Week in Review up, but here you go:

Multiple projects housing projects proposed in Uptown
Numerous new projects in Uptown could potentially add an additional 540 apartment units to what is becoming an increasingly crowded housing development market. With over 330 apartment units under construction, Uptown could see nearly 900 units constructed in 2011-2012. Steve Minn, a developer mostly focused in SE Minneapolis, questioned how deep the housing market in Uptown is, saying that continuing to propose new projects is “not an unlimited, sustainable model.”

The projects in Uptown under construction include: Flux (216 units), The Greenleaf (63 units), and 1800 Lake (57 units)

The proposed project in Uptown include: Bennett East (223 units), Track 29 (198 units), and Buzza Building/Lehmann Center renovation (+/- 120 units)

Common Roots Cafe releases annual report
In its annual report on its impact, Common Roots Cafe announced last week that 86% of all purchases in 2010 were local, organic, and fair-trade. Other highlights include that 94% of their waste was diverted to landfills through composting, which was about 53,000 pounds. More highlights.

Brave New Workshop planning to open Downtown Minneapolis location
BNW is in the process of buying the Hennepin Stages property in downtown. The Uptown location would continue to operate, focusing mostly on its improv classes and shows. Star Tribune has more.

Chino Latino using cell phone application to drive interest
Chino Latino is using a NeoReader scanner app for smart phones to communicate with guests. Kip Clayton, Parasole’s VP of Marketing stated that “to our knowledge, no other restaurant has consistently changed the video/data content communicated when a smart phone user scans the code.” Essentially, a phone’s camera takes a photo of a bar code type image and the application (which must be downloaded) then directs the customer to special deals or messages. So technology fanatics, is this interesting and going to get them much buzz?

Davanni’s celebrates 30 years in Uptown
Davanni’s celebrated its 30 years of operation in Uptown on January 16th, claiming to be the longest free-standing restaurant in Uptown on their Twitter feed.

US Bank plans to renovate Minneapolis Floral Building
The bank plans to move north one block to the former Minneapolis Floral Building just south of 24th and Hennepin in Uptown Minneapolis. The bank would demolish the greenhouse for a parking lot but would renovate the Art Deco main building. Read more: OurUptown.com post, Finance & Commerce article

Bulldog expanding to Downtown Minneapolis
The restaurant, with locations at 26th and Lyndale in Uptown Minneapolis and another in Lowertown in Downtown St. Paul, plans a third location at 11th and Hennepin. The Star Tribune has more.

Muddy Waters moving to Lyn-Lake
After over 20 years, Muddy Waters is moving from 24th and Lyndale to 2933 Lyndale Avenue after rent at its existing location was going to go up 66%, according to the Southwest Journal. The new space was home to storage for Jon English Hairspa and will feature a restaurant, bar, and coffee shop. Read more: Southwest Journal article, City Pages post

The View becoming Urban Eatery
The View closed for a remodel and will reopen as a new restaurant called Urban Eatery. The owners are the same, which are the duo behind Crave. Expect it to be more like a gastropub, which are all the rave. More at City Pages

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  1. Cedar Phillips says:

    Any idea if any of these new housing developments include garden space for tenants? I’d be open to the idea of living somewhere like that (especially my beloved Buzza Building!) but would be far, far more tempted if there was, say, a community garden attached, perhaps along the Greenway. Although I suppose if space was available at the Soo Line Gardens it would work just as well, as that would just be a short stroll away. Or, alternatively, any chances of anyone carving out space for another public community garden in Uptown/Lyn-Lake?

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