Outdoor patio ordinance moves on to full city council

Policy — By on June 8, 2011 7:23 am

The Regulatory, Energy, and Environment Committee of the Minneapolis City Council voted to send the proposed outdoor patio ordinance changes to the full City Council with no recommendation. The ordinance was amended, as follows:

(1) Council Member Goodman proposed a change that would grant the Downtown exemption to areas north of Third Avenue North to Plymouth Avenue North between I-94 and the River. It sounded like, though I missed some of the context, that Council Member Samuels had brought it up to her as a concern. Sounded like those areas pay a 3% Downtown Entertainment tax and the thought was that those areas, since they’re paying the tax, should also receive exemption. It passed.

(2) Council Member Schiff proposed a change that would allow the City to grant higher class liquor licenses for outdoor areas outside of the Downtown zone. This would allow, as they are approved, some establishments to offer acoustic guitar or other entertainment depending on the class license they’re granted. Perhaps It’s Greek to Me will seek approval of some Greek musicians over dinner time?

Please read the revised language to better understand the details of the ordinance.

For more information on what else transpired at the meeting, check out the Star Tribune’s article or the piece that Southwest Journal put out.

Thatcher Imboden

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  1. Nathaniel says:

    Without providing any more commentary on this needless ordinance, I thought I would ask one question: My grasp on Minneapolis City Council procedure may be off, but why did the committee sent the ordinance to the Council if they were to not offer a recommendation? Is this normal?

    • Thatcher Imboden says:

      It is not unusual for a committee to send it on to Council without a recommendation. Sometimes it happens due to the controversy of an issue and giving everyone on the council an opportunity to vote or discuss. In this case, I believe one of the Council Members said that 2 of the 6 committee members were absent and that played a role in sending it on without recommendation. I don’t personally see it as a big deal.

  2. Why should downtown be given a pass?

    For that matter, why not include gunshots in the ordinance? Guns are even noisier than roof patios.

  3. Marco says:

    Isn’t it funny that a small group of vocal people can cause problems for the vast majority of the rest of us?

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