A second project at 27th & Lyndale

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Just months after it came out that Trader Joe’s is looking to build a grocery/liquor store on the southwest corner of Lyndale Avenue and 27th Street (2700 Lyndale) in the greater Uptown/Lyn-Lake area, a second retail project was announced for the southeast corner (2701 Lyndale). This second proposal also includes a liquor store, which has set off a race for entitlements.

Flanders Cycle

Flanders Cycle may relocate to a new building located immediately south fo its current location at 27th and Lyndale if a new development goes forward.

The new proposal would occupy all the properties on the southeast side from the fourplex on the corner (2701) through the used-car lot just north of Buffalo Exchange. The site includes the car lot, Flanders Cycle, the fourplex, and two narrow houses. Replacing those would be two new buildings: a new single-story retail building for Flanders and a new single-story multi-tenant retail building. View 2701 Lyndale design documents.

Flanders, who currently owns their building, would get a new 4,200 square foot retail building just to the north of Buffalo Exchange. They would own their building and land. The new space would have a lot of glass facing Lyndale and a surface parking lot that would have an entrance in between the Flanders building and the other new retail building further north.

The parking lot would be L-shaped with a total of 30 stalls mostly along the alley-side of the property. There would be access off of both 27th Street and Lyndale.

site plan of 2701 Lyndale

The site plan for the 2701 Lyndale Avenue project would have a new 11,000 square foot multi-tenant retail building (identified in blue) and a new 4,200 square foot retail building for Flanders Cycle (identified in red)

The other retail building would be 11,000 square feet and oriented so its long edge was against Lyndale. A small patio would be available for a cafe/restaurant on the south edge of the building adjacent the parking lot entrance from Lyndale. The building would have its store entrances facing Lyndale.

The developer, Master Development, is in discussions with Cellars Wine & Spirits to take 5,500 to 6,000 square feet for a liquor store in the middle of the building. Cellers would likely own the building. Master is working with a butcher/deli to take the north-bay and a Neapolitan pizza place (presumably Punch) for the south bay. No deals have been signed.

As you can imagine, this site is one of only a couple in this area that could accommodate a liquor store. Trader Joe’s is also seeking a liquor store across the street from the site and Minneapolis’ liquor store spacing requirements would prevent both from opening, so to a certain degree this will be a race to see who can get approved first.

The project will need to have part of the site rezoned from C1 to C2 as well as seek a conditional use permit for the liquor store in order for the liquor store component to progress forward to the license approval stage. Master hopes to be on the Planning Commission schedule in mid-February. My guess is that would mean the rezoning would hit the City Council in March.

Lastly, the developer hopes to relocate the fourplex and at least one of the narrow houses, though no structural analysis has been completed.

Thatcher Imboden

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  1. With The Greenleaf now open at 28th and Lyndale, the proposed Trader Joe’s and now this new development project by Master Development, it appears that the whole Lyn-Lake area is going through a real revitalization. Younger people continue to seek out a more urban environment and these projects all seem to be a step in the right direction to better connect this corridor from The Wedge / Rudolph’s BBQ to the intersection of Lyndale & Lake.

  2. Matt Brillhart says:

    I have the documents for this proposal, but I do not own a scanner. I’d love to help get the images added to this story.

  3. John says:

    This would be a fantastic addition to the area. The developer seems to “get it” with the design having a strong urban orientation and enhancing the character of the neighborhood. I’m glad to see independent retailers as part of the project. This is exactly type of retail development that should occur in Uptown!

  4. Matt Brillhart says:

    I agree, the proposal looks great. With Cellar’s Wine & Spirits as a potential owner of the multi-tenant building and Flanders Cycle owning their new building, it wouldn’t be likely to have a vacancy problem any time soon. Another pizza place is questionable though, Lyn-Lake (and the greater Uptown area) is already a pizza lover’s mecca. I count no less than 10 pizza places that I could walk to from 28th & Lyndale.

    I do wish the Buffalo Exchange building was included in the project, but it sounds like the owner of that building was not interested in selling. That’s too bad, because if this project goes through, that odd little building is going look quite out of place/scale between this and the Greenleaf.

    Either way, I really hope this gets built and Trader Joe’s will look for a more appropriate location, possibly sans wine shop if they have to. I’d love to see Trader Joe’s as part of a redeveloped Nicollet & Lake. It’s enough of a destination that it wouldn’t really matter that the neighborhood is questionable, at least compared to 2700 Lyndale.

  5. Julius says:


    • Julius, the details from this post came from listening to a public meeting by the developer. I would welcome you to correct us on the facts, since you believe I reported them incorrectly.

      And the above post’s references to the Buffalo Exchange was that it is located just south of the development site, as the used car lot apparently is the furthest south lot that would be built on.

  6. Steve says:

    Looks like the locals greased the palms and the national entity that has official policies against such shenanigans is left out. It is hilarious to see Trader Joe’s characterized as a grocer/liquor store.

    Just be straight up and declare you only want local businesses and make your case for that. Stupid though because the traffic for a destination store would then support more local businesses (except for the local liquor palm greaser).

    Oh well, what can one expect from the region that welcomed the Chicago gangsters of the thirties with open arms so long as they brought their money.

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