New parking meters in Uptown

Policy — By on March 16, 2012 8:28 am

After successful tests in other business districts in the City, Minneapolis is expanding the program into Uptown and Lyn-Lake this year. Those seeking curb side parking should expect a central pay station on each side of the street that accepts cash and credit cards.

Users enter their stall number, which is marked on posts by their space, then select the time they want and pay. A receipt is proof of payment but users are not required to return to their vehicle to display any proof of payment.

Hours of enforcement and rates are changing to:
– Monday through Saturday 8am to midnight (from 10pm)
– $1 per hour until 6pm
– $2 per hour after 6pm

Time limits will remain 2 hours until 6pm and 4 hours after 6pm.

The meters should go live around March 21st but keep using the existing meters until the new system is operational.

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  1. Brad DFL says:

    Great, I like the idea of meters that can change due to demand. I hope someday MPLS upgrades these systems to something like SFPARK.

  2. Janne says:

    I hope it will make the on-street parking more appropriately priced, so that it’s always mostly occupied but there are always a couple of spots open.

    I do worry about the loss of bike parking, though — while not legal, lots of cyclists depend on these meters to lock up securely in Uptown. The Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition is sharing details and asking businesses to sponsor some by their own front doors using this flyer:

    Please ask your favorite haunt to put one in! Or, if you’re shy and have a meter where YOU want a rack, for $50 you can pick one or pitch in with a couple friends to get one. Check out Liz, who donated one to her own salon:

  3. Reuben says:

    It’s great. It’s about time. Excellent meters.

    Users should be aware, however, that the meters aren’t smart enough to tell users when they don’t need to pay for parking. The city will still gladly accept payment, even when payment is not required. This is kind of annoying, and borderline ethical.

  4. sanfran852 says:

    also i am pretty sure that these meters send signals to meter-maids when your meter is expired or soon to expire

    • Anders says:

      The thing is, unlike in San Francisco, there aren’t in-road sensors here. So while parking enforcement officers may be able to see which spots are soon to be out of time, they can’t instantly know which spots have violators. Still, we didn’t get a huge federal grant for the meters, so you takes what you can gets.

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