New building proposed near Lake Calhoun

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According to the latest version of the Southwest Journal, CPM is proposing a new apartment building for the southwest corner of Lake Street and James Avenue, approximately a block east of Lake Calhoun.

The story, which is in the July 23rd edition, states that Nick Walton of CPM said the project would include 3000, 3004, and 3008 James Avenue S as well as 1711 W Lake Street. This would be across the alley from Cal Surf, if that provides some additional clarity. The project would include approximately 60 units and be six stories.

CPM recently completed the 1800 Lake apartment and commercial project just northwest of this site at Lake Street and Knox Avenue.

Oddly, CPM does not have an architect on board or any sort of plans to share. They want to meet with the neighborhood soon and Walton said they need to find agreement on the height or there probably wouldn’t be a project.

To provide some perspective, the 17,800 square foot site is similar in size and unit count to the Solhem Building on Holmes Avenue just south of Lake Street.

It’s my opinion that this is a perculuar approach, as height as always been controversial in Uptown (especially in the ECCO neighborhood) and I think few neighborhood groups would ever be willing to provide support to a developer’s intent to seek additional height than what the underlying zoning initially allows if there are no plans to show how it would lay out. Even the most development-friendly communities, you would think, would condition their comments to something along the lines of “why don’t you come back to us with some more details and we can discuss it.”

This isn’t like proposing a park and asking the community if they are receptive to that idea? This is a relatively tall apartment building in a neighborhood that has consistently raised concerns and objections to tall buildings, and there isn’t a plan to try and show how the design could try to address the community’s potential concerns.

Interesting strategy. We will see how it works out.

James Avenue and Lake Street

A view looking at the southwest corner of James Avenue and Lake Street in Uptown Minneapolis, where CPM proposes to build a 60-unit apartment project.

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  1. seanrichardryan says:

    Those properties have been marketed for a while as a ‘great redevelopment opportunity’. They are beautiful houses, inside and out the second house in on James is particularily beautiful with all original woodwork, light fixtures, etc. Too bad they aren’t tearing down the dimly houses across lake instead.

  2. urbanite says:

    I am looking forward to seeing what they propose on this site. I hope it will have a well-thought-out design that doesn’t cheap out.

  3. anon says:

    Are they looking to have some sort of street level retail? Some day, I’d like to see Lake Street extend all the way to the lake with retail/commercial space.

  4. John says:

    I’m wary of this developer. They built the Lake and Knox apartment which looks terrible and cheap. Their proposal needs to be very closely scrutinized with more attention focused on using high quality materials and a scale that fits well with the intersection.

    • urbanite says:

      honestly, scale should have nothing to do with it. If the scale always had to stay the same, how do you think downtown would look?

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