Goodwill may build in Lyn-Lake

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In an email from the chair of the CARAG Neighborhood Zoning & Planning Committee, Goodwill plans to attend the committee meeting on September 11th (7pm at Bryant Square Park) to share plans for a new three-story building that would contain a two-story store with their offices above. The building would be located on what currently is two properties on the west side of Lyndale south of Lake Street that contain a single family house and a building that is mostly vacant other than H-Design.

The properties include 3020 Lyndale Avenue and 3034 Lyndale Avenue.

3020 Lyndale Avenue

File photo (2007) of 3020 Lyndale Avenue, which is one of the properties potentially to be redeveloped into a three-story Goodwill store and office.

The email said that Goodwill plans to bring their real estate broker, civil engineer, architect, Goodwill Director of Store Design and Property Management, and potentially the current property owner. A site plan is to be shared and potentially elevations.

The plans would likely be reviewed by the City in the fall, according to the email.

Goodwill’s website indicates that there are no Goodwill stores within the City of Minneapolis, but a local commercial real estate agent told me that Goodwill has been rapidly expanding over the last several years, including a new store at Lyndale Avenue and American Boulevard in Bloomington. The source also said that Goodwill has been searching for a location in Richfield or Edina for the last year.

The City of Minneapolis recently lifted a 1,000 spacing requirement on thrift stores, which may be why Goodwill is now looking to open at Lyn-Lake. In all likelihood, I believe that we will see several more large-scale thrift stores attempt to find space in the Greater Uptown / Lyn-Lake area.

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