Uptown Business News – 10/17/12

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The Nightingale opened on 10/9 at 26th/Lyndale
The new restaurant, serving small-plates, opened at 2551 Lyndale Avenue. The small plate restaurant has late night eats and cocktails. The Nightingale is the brain child of husband-wife team of Jasha Johnston and Carrie McCabe-Johnston. More info at their Facebook page.

El Meson closes its doors
Hector Ruiz and Erin Ungerman took over El Meson in 2003 but closed the well-regarded Spanish restaurant recently. Their other restaurant, Cafe Ena, continues to operate. It is unclear what will happen to the space at 35th and Lyndale.

Cowboy Slims makes way for new retail/apartment building
Nearly a decade ago, Campiello closed its doors at 1320 Lake Street. The property was purchased by developers with the intent to eventually develop the site. Cowboy Slims signed a lease for the existing space and told people at the time that they had a five year lease and potentially would be a part of a future development project. That time has finally come, as the developer gave notice to Cowboy Slims to vacate the property. Now we are apparently, a short time away from construction of a six-story apartment/retail/restaurant building. Cowboy Slims closed recently. The sand in the parking lot is not construction activity, rather left over from a big bash at the restaurant.

An “Upscale Irish pub” coming to Lake & Bryant?
The Southwest Journal reports that an “upscale Irish pub” is looking to open in the former Viva Brazil space at 913 West Lake Street. The pub would be called Morrissey’s Irish Pub. Four partners would open the pub. They want to offer entertainment, booze, and Irish fare with an Uptown twist. A lease has not been finalized.

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