Fire destroys condo bldg; Donations sought

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During the morning rush hour of December 28, 2012, the 8-unit condo building at 1508 West Lake Street caught fire from an unattended candle and burned down. One person suffered smoke inhalation injuries and one cat is presumed dead. For the building’s 20-or-so residents, most lost everything in the 3-alarm fire.

The fire did not spread to adjacent buildings, such as the Dunn Brothers/Brueggers next door. The fire department had approximately 40 firefighters on site and sprayed a fan of water between adjacent buildings to prevent them from also catching fire.

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Since the fire, Amore Victoria at 1600 West Lake Street, has announced that it is hosting a benefit for the fire victims at 7pm on January 9th and encourages people interested in helping to swing by the restaurant and drop off donations.

Fire at 1508 W Lake - From Twitter user HollyWagnerWCCO

Photo of the 1508 West Lake Street building as it burned on December 28, 2012. Photo courtesy of Twitter User: HollyWagnerWCCO

The building at 1508 West Lake Street was built in 1912 at a time when Uptown was seeing significant residential and commercial growth. The adjacent commercial building was constructed in 1956 at the corner of Humboldt and Lake Street with the space that Dunn Brothers occupies constructed in 1990. Many remember the condo building for its big columns out front.

1508 W Lake Street before fire

This 2006 photo shows the 1508 West Lake Street building with its four columns and outdoor decks.

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