Historic Photo of the Week: 2941 Hennepin

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2941 Hennepin has been a large retail space for many years in Uptown. Currently, Heartbreaker is located in the entire building but prior to that Elements sold furnishings and other household decor. Thomas Designs was in the space from the 1960s until the early-to-mid 1980s. Before that it was Rocket Furniture store.

Going back even further, it was a National Tea Company (later National Food Store) from the 1930s until the 1950s. The building was built in 1913 and was later remodeled.

Thomas Designs - Mid-1970s

A photo of the Thomas Designs space at 2941 Hennepin Avenue from the mid-1970s. Photo courtesy of Mrs. Snyder.


Heartbreaker currently occupies the 2941 Hennepin property. Photo courtesy of Google.com

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    Your photo of the week 2941 henn; it’s “peek.” “Peak” is a mountain top, “peek” is to sneak a look.

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