Historic Photo of the Week: Franklin & Hennepin

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I love aerial photography so today you get to take a peak back at the Franklin Avenue and Hennepin Avenue intersection from sometime post 1923 and likely before 1938. This area of Uptown (though it wasn’t considered part of Uptown then) was mostly built between 1890 and 1910 with only a handful of buildings being added in the early 1920s. The photo is from a series that mostly date between 1923 and 1938.

We’re looking north up Hennepin (angled street). The bottom street running horizontally is 22nd Street.

Franklin & Hennepin 1920s-1930s

Franklin & Hennepin intersection from the 1920s-1930s. Photo courtesy of Minneapolis Public Schools

A couple of items to note:
– There is a gas station at 22nd and Hennepin where Central Bank is located today.
– Only the buildings facing Franklin (Scottish Rite Temple and Sebastian Joe’s Building) are still existing today for the block bounded by Franklin, Hennepin, 22nd, and Dupont.

Thatcher Imboden

How cities work and change, how they are the product of their inhabitants and outside forces, and the resulting livability keep me thinking and dreaming about the future. I work in transit oriented development and have a background in urban real estate development. I am Past President of an Uptown business organization, grew up in Uptown, was on an Uptown neighborhood association Board, and am an Uptown and Lyn-Lake historian.

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  1. Janne says:

    I wonder what used to be on the NE corner of Franklin and Dupont, which today is the Belmont parking lot and is vacant even this picture.

  2. Sean R says:

    ‘This area of Uptown (though it wasn’t considered part of Uptown then) ….’

    It still isn’t! :)

  3. Bry J says:

    Another cool thing in the picture is the street car going up Hennepin. Liked the block better with all the houses than how it is now.

  4. Sarah says:

    I wonder what the building in the very top left corner is. It’s gorgeous.

  5. Kenneth J. Peterson says:

    .There are several buildings in this picture that are still standing: the large apartment building on the SE corner of Franklin/Hennepin, the apartment building across Franklin from that one, the two angled apartment buildings bordered by 22nd Street, Colfax Ave., and Hennepin, Scottish Rite Temple, Sebastian Joe’s building, the building that housed Burch Pharmacy (now Burch Steakhouse), The Rye Deli building (formerly Becky’s Cafeteria/Auriga), several of the houses on Colfax Avenue between 22nd Street and Hennepin Avenue, all of the buildings on the west side of Dupont Avenue between 22nd Street and Franklin Avenue. So, with the exception of the west side of Hennepin between 22nd Street and Franklin, the now Hornig Properties offices at 22nd/Colfax, Liquor Lyle’s/Shameless, Inc., building, Douglas Elementary, the apartment building one property North of 22nd/Dupont, and the big white house on Colfax (behind Rye Deli) that was recently torn down for Burch Steakhouse parking, the rest (majority) of these buildings are still standing.

    • Thatcher Imboden says:

      The post above specifically references that the block with the buildings demolished is the block bounded by Franklin, Hennepin, Dupont, and 22nd. The only original buildings there face Franklin. The rest demolished.

  6. Kenneth J. Peterson says:

    Thanks for the clarification, Thatcher. It’s interesting to see the gas station at 22nd/Hennepin/Dupont. All storefront faced due south until Sydney’s Steakhouse was torn down to make way for the bank. Also- does anyone know anything about the property shown here at 2019-2021 Hennepin, on the site that is now Shameless, Inc., and Liquor Lyle’s? This looks like either a small school with a playground, or a large house with a large garden. If the resolution was a bit better it would be easier to tell.

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