Historic Photo of the Week: Thirty-O-Five Building

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Ever since Calhoun Square reknit the east side of 3000 block of Hennepin, it has become much more difficult for those who were not around to imagine what it was like prior to Calhoun square. The Thirty-O-Five Building, located at 3003-3005 Hennepin, saw a lot of changes between 1975 and 1984 that even some of those who were around have likely forgotten.

Thirty-O-Five Building - 1925

This photo from 1925 shows the Thirty-O-Five Building, located at 3005 Hennepin Avenue. The building was home to Wohler Hardware and numerous offices and apartments above. Photo courtesy of Minnesota Historical Society.

The Thirty-O-Five Building was a three-story brick building that was abutted on both sides by other buildings. Over the years the building was home to Wohler Hardware until the late 1930s and a Firestone Tire shop from the early 1940s through early-to-mid 1960s. A sampling of the building’s tenants is listed below:

Wm J Wohler – Hardware
Mae Cummings – Dress Maker
Kath Fleming – Toilet Articles
John E Hansen – Naprapath
Lena King – Chiropodist
Andreas Larsen – Art Glass

Firestone Stores – Tires
Garver Sales inc – Soap Mfrs
Gateway Coal Co – Wholesalers
Bruelheide Monogram Service
Postal Print Inc
K S Guetzke – Dentist

Marcel Beauty Supply – Wholesalers
Ballet Center (room 200)
Vacant (room 201)
Bruelheide Monogram Service (room 301)

1975 to 1984
In 1975, the ground floor of the building was home to the Junior League’s Clothesline who operated a thrift store, the ballet center, and a Hallmark Card Shop. Then on June 26,1975, a 3-alarm fire broke out in the front of the building’s first floor or basement and quickly raced through the building.

The building only had one resident and that person was able to flee. Adjacent apartment buildings were evacuated due to heavy smoke. Sixteen fire rigs and 10 hoses were spraying the fire and adjacent buildings to keep it under control. One fireman was treated for an injured leg after taking a fall within the building.

Thirty-O-Five Building - 1975

The Thirty-O-Five Building in 1975 after the fire gutted the building. Photo courtesy of Mrs. Snyder; Splice by OurUptown.com.

Afterwards, the building was knocked down and listed for sale. In the late 1970s, The Ackerberg Group purchased the property and constructed a building to house a Waldenbooks. That building did not last long, as Calhoun Square started construction in the early 1980s and knocked down the building because it didn’t fit with the shopping center plans.

3005 Hennepin land - Mid-to-Late 1970s

The Thirty-O-Five Building was cleared and the land sold. Photo from the mid-to-late 1970s. Courtesy of Mrs. Snyder.

3005 Hennepin - Approximately 1980

This photo from around 1980 shows the newly constructed 3005 Hennepin building that was home to Waldenbooks. Photo courtesy of Ray Harris.

3005 Hennepin - 2011

When Calhoun Square was built, they rebuilt on the 3005 Hennepin site along with the property to the south. The result was a two-story brick building that in 2012 houses AT&T and Timberland. Photo from 2011.

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  1. Donna Harrison says:

    I remember that fire because my mom owned the Hallmark Card and Gift Shop. I remember taking inventory of all the items that didn’t burn up in the fire. The Uptown Card and Gift Shop relocated across the street. I remember shopping at the Clothes Line – as a young teen, I found some really groovy stuff there!

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