Question of the Week: Ice Cream

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We were just down in Venice, FL and enjoyed incredibly fresh ice cream from Nokomis Groves, which is an orchard in the heart of the city. Orange, lime, lemon, and pineapple (not grown there) ice cream, with the pineapple even being dairy free for a guy like me. So smooth and tart.

That got me thinking, what are your favorite ice cream places in greater Uptown past or present? I know it’s the middle of winter, but it hasn’t stopped me before.

Thatcher Imboden

How cities work and change, how they are the product of their inhabitants and outside forces, and the resulting livability keep me thinking and dreaming about the future. I work in transit oriented development and have a background in urban real estate development. I am Past President of an Uptown business organization, grew up in Uptown, was on an Uptown neighborhood association Board, and am an Uptown and Lyn-Lake historian.

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