Historic Photo of the Week: 1401 W Lake

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1401 West Lake - Mid-1970s

The 1401 West Lake Street property in the mid-1970s was home to a Snyder’s Drug parking lot. Photo courtesy of Mrs. Snyder.

Snyder’s Drug was located at the SE corner of Hennepin and Lake for decades until the mid-1970s when they moved a half block north. This photo was of their parking lot on the SW corner of Lake Street and Girard Avenue.

1401 West Lake - Mid-1970s

Looking west from Girard Avenue across the 1401 West Lake Street property. Photo courtesy of Mrs. Snyder.

The Snyders family (the franchise owner, not the company namesake believe it or not) later would construct a single-story commercial building on the site, pictured below.

1401 West Lake - 2008

A photo of the 1401 West Lake Street property from 2008.

And that building has since been replaced by a two-level commercial building housing Cafeteria and its rooftop deck along with LA Fitness.

1401 West Lake - 2010

1401 West Lake Street in 2010

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  1. Bry Johnson says:

    Does anyone know what was on the far left of the first photo with all the red and white outdoor umbrellas?

    • Thatcher Imboden says:

      It should be Zapata, which Wikipedia claims is the predecessor to Zantigo (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zantigo). City phone directories indicate Zapata was there from at least 1970 to the early 1980s and by 1985 it was Zantigo and by 1990 it was Taco Bell.

      My property records indicate that the building was constructed in 1969 and was approximately 1,600 square feet.

  2. Jim Lyons says:

    Great pics & I love your blog!

    It’s been many years but if memory serves you are indeed looking SE at Zapatas/Zantigos/Taco Bell with the red patio umbrellas. If you turned right between that patio & the blue van before it, you’d be entering the rear entrance/parking lot of Calhoun Square.

    The second pic is in the Snyder’s Bros parking lot looking West towards Hennepin.

    Snyder’s Drugs however wasn’t where the LA Fitness is now though, rather on the SE corner of Lake/Hennepin where the main doors to Calhoun Square & Figlio would be built. The building that read “London Street, hair fashions for….” would have separated the parking lot from the Lake/Hennepin corner location the drug store sat on.

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