Historic Photo of the Week: Carling Hotel

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The Carling Hotel was located at 2911 Hennepin from the late 1920s until the 1970s when it closed. Today, William’s Pub occupies the ground level and office space is above.

Carling Hotel - 1964

The Carling Hotel in 1964 at Hennepin Avenue just north of Lagoon Avenue.

This photo is cut out of a larger image that I believe to be 1964 based on the movie playing at the Uptown Theater (Lilies of the Field came out in 1963 but the marquee referenced it being an Academy Award Winner, which didn’t happen until 1964…you’ll have to wait for that another week).

Things to note:
– Schlampp’s Furs just to the right (south) of Carling had been horribly modernized. It once had a beautiful exterior.
– Lagoon Avenue had been extended to the east of Hennepin by this time based on the gap between the Schlampp’s building and the next one along with a curving curb.
– The north corner of Carling had a lounge, presumably Willard’s Lounge (there in 1960) that the phone book claimed was a “catering lounge”…. perhaps catering to your beverage needs since it was a pub in 1955, vacant in 1965, and a pub again by 1970.

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  1. Steven Gray says:

    I lived in the Carling Hotel 1967-1969 for $22.50 a week. Does anyone remember the short-lived cafe underneath the hotel named “Heads Together?” It had a “backlight” decor.

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