Historic Photo of the Week: Ice Follies – Harris Legg

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This photo is out of the 1941 Ice Follies program for their run of performances in March 1941 at the Minneapolis Areana, located at 2900 Dupont Avenue South.

Harris Legg - 1941

Harris Legg, who performed with the Ice Follies in at least 1941, was “the greatest dare-devil skater in the world,” according to the program. He was a member of the Canadian Olympic team in 1936.

The description below the photo in the program reads:

A MODERN MERCURY, aptly describes the flashing blades of Harris Legg, the sensational hurdling star of the “Ice Follies of 1941.” An expert showman, Legg has added a host of new and thrilling stunts to his act, climaxed by a hair-raising leap through a revolving and flaming ring. He is assisted by six dainty Satellites[…]

The Mercury act was a routine involving Legg leaping over rocket ships and spheres through revolving hoops in his role as Mercury, demonstrating “why he has earned the title of world’s greatest trick skater and jumper.”

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