DFL to endorse City Council candidate on 4/27

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On Saturday, April 27th, participants at the Ward 10 Convention of the DFL Party will attempt to endorse a candidate for Minneapolis City Council to represent the communities of greater Uptown, Lyn-Lake, and Whittier/Eat Street. Last Tuesday, the DFL held precinct caucuses where attendees elected attendees as delegates to the upcoming ward convention. In most instances, there were more open delegate seats than those interested, but in some precincts there was considerable interest that required a selection process.

This year, nearly 500 people were elected to attend the Ward 10 Convention. Those attending have one main agenda item: endorse a candidate for city council. Those known to be seeking the endorsement thus far include incumbent Meg Tuthill and challengers Lisa Bender, Ken Bradley, and Kendal Killian.

It is possible that the delegates will not endorse a candidate, which last took place in the ward in 2005 when Ralph Remington, Scott Persons, Alan Bernard, Gay Noble, and Harry Savage all sought the endorsement. There has not been that competitive of an endorsement race since then in the ward and with Ranked Choice Voting replacing a primary, it is not clear how things will shake out if a candidate is or is not endorsed.

Jefferson Elementary will be the place to be on Saturday if you’re into local politics.

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