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This undated photo is from the Hennepin History Museum. The image is of 2924 Girard Avenue South, which was built in 1908 by Henry Ingham at a cost of $2,500. Building records seem to indicate that the barn behind the house was moved from 2947 Hennepin Avenue in 1907. A garage was constructed behind the house in 1921.

2924 Girard Ave s

2924 Girard Avenue South. Photo courtesy of Hennepin History Museum.

Given how close the house is to its neighbor to the north (see aerial below), and how much space appears to be present in the photo above, it suggests that this photo was taken before the house to the north was constructed. That would be 1911, and as an aside, that northern neighbor was moved out of the city in 1933, per the building permits. 2924 Girard Avenue was demolished in 1936. Today is the approximate location of Lagoon Avenue west of Girard Avenue. Lagoon Avenue was constructed starting in 1960 between Dupont Avenue and Hennepin Avenue.


An aerial of the 2924 Girard Avenue S property. Photo likely taken in early-1920s to early-1930s. Photo courtesy of Minneapolis Public Schools.

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  1. Alan Freed says:

    I have seen a number of MPS aerial pics and many were taken in the first half of 1929. I’d suggest that this photo, given your clues, is from that same period.

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