Historic Photo of the Week: Hennepin & Lagoon

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Last the past photo of the Carling Hotel, this 1964 photo looks more directly at the corner of Lagoon Avenue and Hennepin Avenue.

This photo is undated as a source file, but Lilies of the Field is playing at the Uptown Theater. The movie came out in 1963 but the marquee referenced it being an Academy Award Winner, which didn’t happen until 1964.

Hennepin & Lagoon - 1964

Hennepin & Lagoon in 1964. Photo courtesy of City of Minneapolis.

The street in the foreground on the right side of Hennepin (which runs up/down) is The Mall, back when it connected to Hennepin. The current site of the Walker Library replaced those small buildings between The Mall and the Uptown Theater.

Thatcher Imboden

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  1. Joyce Mellom says:

    IMHO, the 1964 photo of Hennepin & Lagoon should be captioned “Hennepin with Lagoon on the left and the Mall on the right.” It is my thesis that you could turn onto the Mall off Hennepin before the “new” Walker Libary went in. Lagoon, west of Hennepin, came into existence when the library went up and the Mall got closed off.

    Recall that the Mall is really 29th St/RR track.

    • Thatcher Imboden says:

      I should rephrase, Lagoon Avenue did not exist EAST of Hennepin until sometime between 1959 and 1963. It was authorized in 1959. Lagoon existed WEST of Hennepin for many decades prior to that. I’ve not seen a map not having Lagoon west of Hennepin on it.

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