Historic Photo of the Week: Girard Streetcar Tracks

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Waling down Girard Avenue this week revealed that the old streetcar tracks are really showing through the asphalt. These tracks (there were a pair), were a wye that ran off of Lake Street onto Girard so that the Selby-Lake line could turn around and run back to St. Paul.

Streetcar tracks are exposed on Girard Avenue, just north of Lake Street.

Streetcar tracks are exposed on Girard Avenue, just north of Lake Street.

I have a lot of nerdy photos linked below for you to check out of this area. Keep in mind, Lagoon Avenue did not exist EAST of Hennepin until approximately 1960. Below are some notes for you.

Photo 1
The above link shows where the MoZaic building is pretty much located. You can see Williams behind. The sign says parking is free for customers of Cook Paint, Champan Graham, Crystal Market, and Warner Hardware. I believe the building on the MoZaic site was a garage.

Photo 2
I believe the house at left is right where Lagoon Avenue is today. Apparently the barn that once was on the NE corner of Lake & Hennepin was moved behind the house in the early 1900s, presumably as a wagon garage.

Photo 3
A view towards our current MoZaic plaza and parking lot.

Photo 4
Similar photo but you can see a little better and see the Girard termination.

Photo 5
Stellas was so beautiful back in the day….

Photo 6
We covered this one before.

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