Old Chicago out; In with a new concept by CRAVE

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CRAVE parent company, Kaskaid Hospitality, plans to open a new restaurant concept in Uptown Minneapolis at 2841 Hennepin Avenue, which is currently home to Old Chicago. According to summaries of the press release, Old Chicago will close in November and the new concept will open in March 2014.

“With the growth in the residential base in Uptown, we think there’s a niche to be filled in the casual dining sector which is where our concepts excel. […] We are excited to announce this concept which we believe will be a natural fit for the Uptown neighborhood community,” said Kam Talebi in the press release.

Kaskaid Hospitality operates CRAVE, Union, figlio, Urban Eatery, and also the new Muse Event Center in Downtown Minneapolis.

The Old Chicago building was originally built in 1974 as a Rustler Steak House. It later became Old Chicago in 1994 after a number of other businesses had called it home.

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  1. Greg says:

    I’m pretty sure this was an Applause Records (same company as Cheapo) location around 1991-92.

  2. Janne says:

    Is there any hope they might make a GREAT connection to the Girard Meander/Greenway entrance?

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