Open Streets opens Lyndale Ave 6/23

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On Sunday, June 23rd, Lyndale Avenue between 22nd and 42nd streets will be open to all except motorized vehicles from 10am to 4pm. The event, organized by the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition and supported by a variety of sponsors (City of Minneapolis, 89.3 The Current, Play Streets Partnership, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Zeus Jones, HCMC, and others), will feature a number of planned activities but also allow visitors to just take in an experience of a major urban corridor without car traffic.

For those who have not experienced an Open Streets event, it’s worth checking out. I remember the first year taking my father-in-law who a bit confused as to what the big deal was. But he was sold. Biking up and down Lyndale in the center of the street brought a new view of the corridor. One that you just can’t appreciate when traveling at higher speeds or when focused on driving.

I’ve also been told it is empowering to do yoga in the middle of Lyndale at Lake Street, too.

That said, there are lots of activities, lots of businesses offering you food, and more. Learn more at their website.

Photo courtesy of Open Streets.

Photo courtesy of Open Streets.

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