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The Uptown Association decided that in 2012 it needed to convene representatives of the various business and neighborhood associations in Uptown to try and resolve some community issues and to take advantage of some of our opportunities.

Our first task is to review past planning efforts to see what has been suggested to date, what has been done with those suggestions, and then fill in any new items that have come up since then. From there we will engage our communities in providing feedback on where we think the collective priorities ought to lie.

The organizations that have participated with the group include:
– Calhoun Area Residents Action Group (CARAG)
– East Calhoun Community Organization
– East Isles Residents Association
– Lake Street Council
– Lowry Hill East Neighborhood Association
– Lowry Hill Neighborhood Association
– South Hennepin Business Association
– South Hennepin Special Service District
– Uptown Association
– Uptown Special Service District
– Ward 10 Office

Currently we are consolidating the data and will be engaging our respective community organizations later in the summer of 2012.

Below are the plans we are reviewing:

– Uptown Small Area Plan, 2007 (download – 11.7 MB)
– Midtown Greenway Land Use Plan, 2007 (download – 3.1 MB)
– Review of the 1995 Hennepin Avenue Strategic Plan, 2006 (download – 2.1 MB)
– Uptown Parking and Transportation Study, 2005 (download – 1.5 MB)
– CARAG Master Plan and 2020 Vision, 2000 (download coming soon)
– Hennepin Avenue Strategic Plan, 1995 (download – 19 MB)

Below are some additional plans that we are not including but that you may find interesting:
– Uptown Area Transit Study, 1991 (download – 4.1 MB)
– Hennepin-Lake Area Parking Survey, 1986 (download – 3.9 MB)
– Lake Street: A Parking Study, 1979 (download – 1.1 MB)
– Hennepin-Lake Shopping District Study: Preliminary Report, 1964 (download – 3.4 MB)

* OurUptown.com is hosting this page due to available storage space and ease of sharing the files with the general public.

Thatcher Imboden

How cities work and change, how they are the product of their inhabitants and outside forces, and the resulting livability keep me thinking and dreaming about the future. I work in transit oriented development and have a background in urban real estate development. I am Past President of an Uptown business organization, grew up in Uptown, was on an Uptown neighborhood association Board, and am an Uptown and Lyn-Lake historian.

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